🔴Scott Ritter on Russia Ukraine War, USA Europe, China Taiwan & more #scottritter #russiaukrainewar

Scott Ritter delivers powerhouse presentation on Russia US foreign policy, Russia NATO Ukraine war, China Taiwan update, …


27 thoughts on “🔴Scott Ritter on Russia Ukraine War, USA Europe, China Taiwan & more #scottritter #russiaukrainewar

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  2. Scott is right. After the Vietnam War, the Army in particular had a low recruitment rate I believe. People with time in were just serving to get 20 in and retire by keep their heads down. It changed in the 80's when the morale changed and movies like "Top Gun" and "Red Dawn" began making patriotism and military service cool again, just as the Army is cleaning itself up and training hard to kill the "Soviet horde".

    Even guys who were just doing their 20 started to care again. I served then. These older guys, some who served in Vietnam, started to talk about what they learned about the M48/M60A1s. Some would share the stories of training in Germany full combat load, and handling the weather, and what the terrain is like, and the problems they had during exercises that were done on a large scale, where you got to understand the reality of the task of armor combat operations in Europe.
    I think it is why many of us older guys who served during the Cold War period, I was a ARMY (Res) CAV unit Tank Commander back then, can see the reality for like it is in Ukraine, because we once were ready to fight it out if it came to war, as the propaganda told us we were.

    That's the reality.

  3. The conversation prompted…

    This conflict cleanses Russia. Almost no one talks about it, but there is a cleansing going on.

    There was a man in Russia, his name was Chubais. He privatized Soviet property in such a way as to destroy the entire economy and explicitly stated that his goal was to eliminate the country, not to develop. I do not know who defended him, but no one could remove him from his post. Whatever happens in the country, this person has always held some public office, never took his hands off the state budget. And so it happened on February 24, and already on February 25 he disappeared from the country, a couple of days later he was seen in a Turkish store buying food (probably for the first time since 1991). That alone justifies the whole conflict.

    Political … a girl of easy virtue … In general, her name is Sobchak – the daughter of Putin's friend, who betrayed this friendship. Also unsinkable, it comes out of any situation dry. Even when her employees were blackmailed by the director of a large defense plant, she is the only one out of her entire office who comes out dry. But! But suddenly something happened and her protection is almost at zero – she runs from Russia, making her way to the customs crossing point, squeezing between the trucks. She is still looking into the country, but it is already clear that she has lost her protection.

    A bunch of singers and musicians suddenly renounce the country and the people and leave the territory of Russia. Now they zigue in Israel. There was even a scandal in Israel – it turned out that many of them received citizenship for bribes, illegally, without having any right to this citizenship. Sobchak, by the way, also fell under the distribution – she cannot apply for Israeli citizenship.

    Ordinary people from among the office plankton, who grew up on the idea that it was time to betray this foresee, fled the country. It's funny that they are now being deported back. Fleeing from the country, they abandoned their apartments, expensive cars. They return as beggars. It turns out that programmers and managers of all levels do not know how to harvest in the fields.

    The funniest of all turned out with a network of enemy agents that worked against Russia until February 24th. This network included control nodes in other countries and the Dozhd TV channel. Both those and others have already been strangled in the countries in which they worked. Moreover, Rain was strangled for the wrong words of one presenter. The leader was immediately betrayed and sold, but this did not save the traitors.

    It turned out that the concept of "a good Russian is a dead Russian" also works against those who have long betrayed their country and people. Even having betrayed, they remain Russian in the eyes of their masters.

    And this cleansing continues. Just a couple of weeks ago, another TV host got pissed off at a Nazi party.

    There is also a reverse movement.

    Many are forced to make up their minds and make a conscious choice towards the people, country, homeland.

    What no one expected at all – many deputies of the State Duma (like the US Senate) left their soft heated chairs with coffee and a secretary and are now feeding lice in the trenches according to their military registration specialty.

    The singer (I forgot his name – very famous in Russia and nearby) danced on the cross a year ago, but by the summer he had already visited the wounded, and recently he was included in the sanctions list, thereby recognizing him as an honest person. The most interesting thing is that this singer made a video together with Zelensky several years ago and there he gave him a slap.

  4. Scott is right – the Russian nuclear doctrine does not explain what kind of threats should be. Any defeat in any direction (not only war – politics, economics, international blockade, etc.) is already a legitimate basis for a retaliatory nuclear strike.

    And the way some people dream of the defeat of Russia… It's some kind of suicide club. People deliberately create the conditions for a full-scale nuclear strike, after which only cockroaches will remain on Earth.

    They know exactly what to do – and they do it.

  5. It's good to see Mr. Ritter 🙂
    It's been ages since I saw him in Iraq when I was a little kid and we saw him as an enemy when he was playing the role of a weapon inspector and we all hated him for that because we never believed in the UN nor the US .. we never will..
    However when I later saw him in the Senate being questioned by Uncle Joe pedophil** Biden I realized then he was the only one who told the truth and he lost his position in order to save millions of my brothers and sisters in Iraq Although he failed but we still appreciate him for what he's done for it takes an honest human being to take the stand he did! It's men like him that makes me hesitant to hate Americans for what their government has been doing to us given the fact that those same criminals are being voted in year in and out by the citizens of that country because we are led to believe it's democracy!! But I realized that they are being hoodwinked/had/bamboozled just like we are! Their country is being ruled by demons who are not for the good of the average American Citizen rather for the big corporations and the military industrial complex! It's their fight now either get rid of those devilish forces and take the country back or go downhill along with them! Because this exactly where the US is going!
    They no longer the dominant force and they are arrogant to the point to where they are ready to bring the world to a Thermonuclear war with the most powerful force in the world ie. RUSSIA. Just because Russia defied them and isn't willing to follow their rules!.
    The world has changed and Russia is back as a force for good and this is what we in the Arab and the dark world believe and we stand with Russia because it isn't just their fight it's our fight not only is it our fight it's our destiny to live a normal life without someone dictates to us how we should live! No matter what they do they are never gonna break Russia because Russia is going to become victorious and prevail over the western hypocrites who have always looked down on us and treated us like trash and stolen our natural resources to build their so-called (civilized world) which is built upon our dead bodies and the bones of our children! .
    It's heartwarming to see a dialogue like this one and I hope that one day those who blinded by the MSM will open their eyes and see things for what they really are 🙂
    Thanks for the good content 🙂🤝

  6. loool, scott ur right, we're irritated cuz it isn't the truth, a terroristic "parent" who nukes two cities full of civilians, would love to have the amish be the "parent" than the advanced secularists, might doesn't make right, by the way, much of that advancement came from the citizens of "children" nations, u remind me of bengamin button, one of the youngest nations on earth being a "parent" to nations with ancient civilizations, it ain't a coincidence that all 3 major religions were established in the middle east, even ur constitution declares all men r created equal, nevertheless, i'll assume u have good enough intentions to an extent cuz once u justified targeting civilians if there was an enemy amongst them which is absolutely wrong & immoral, nevertheless, overall u have good points & again we aren't saying the u.s. doesn't have or had good aspects to it nor the abilities that it reached but again, as a nation of immigrants, a lot of those capabilities came from overseas,

  7. Excellent cover of the historical development of the current situation. Often US politicians give the impression that they approach everything a-historically, that revolves only around forthcoming elections and increasing profits via the MIC, Big Pharma and Big Money. Your presentation shows that the human face of history can and should receive priority.

  8. In the interview you say that you were speaking out about this issue long time before the war started. Do you have another youtube channel where I could find what you were saying back then? Thank you for your work.

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