3 Stocks to Buy and 2 Stocks to Avoid | TSLA, NVDA, GOOG, AMZN, AMD

Which is the better stock; Tesla, Amazon, Google, AMD, Nvidia? Which stock should you buy? Get 50% off premium access to …


25 thoughts on “3 Stocks to Buy and 2 Stocks to Avoid | TSLA, NVDA, GOOG, AMZN, AMD

  1. If Analysts expectation of Tesla's 2030 for 2030 is 10 million deliveries, then we need only 35%YOY growth. Any argument of Tesla not meeting expectation is absurd. Tesla since 2013 achieved 62% YOY growth rate. Tesla is just profitable in last 3 years. So, 5-year average P/S calculation is not valid. I can also say Price to Earnings is improved over 28 times in the last 3 years. in 2019 lagging PE used to be 1400 now it is 35. So, Value is continuously improving (fall in share price is also a factor for improved value of stock). Number of deliveries are increasing more than any other ICE car makers. Tesla's Sharp reduction in price can eliminate its competition soon.

  2. Tesla is done for. Mines cannot produce enough graphite, lithium, copper, etc for them to implement their lower price growth strategy…..There will be a huge graphite deficit later this year. Think chip shortage damage to ability to make vehicles….and no we are not talking about refining…it’s mining.

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  6. A low P/E stock can be a bargain, if you fully understand if the company had an unusual bumper crop in income, or the price is crashing for some reasons. Glad you talked about low P./E stock as this is often a very red flag indicating someone knows something is really wrong. I do look at low P/E stocks and consider the reasons. In the past bought WES for $5.42. Price was low because in April 2020 an event reduced the demand for oil by 30%. Related stocks crashed in value as earnings were slashed along with dividends. WES cut the dividends in half.
    Looking long term, I knew this was temporary , so a great buying opportunity. Dividends have partially returned along with the price and more moderate P/E ratio.
    Almost 3 years later the stock is $28.32 per share. Dividends are $2 at annualized rate. Now the P/E ratio is over 10. Understand the reason the P/E is low. The pipeline was not going to shut down and fold as an essential service. I bought 2400 shares because it looked to be a bargain price. In 3 years of $2 in dividends, I am getting all my investment price back and still keep the stock. Currently the shipping container transportation companies are having a similar fire sale in stocks and investors again abandon stocks in falling profits and the cutting of dividends. Just dumped several grand into one with a P/E well under 1. Don't think the company is going under as international shipping is an essential service to a global economy. The company is low debt, good cash flow, but had higher profits recently when rates for shipping skyrocketed with the Suez Canal blockage, the port problems in Los Angeles, etc that tied up shipping. As a result of the sell off, the price appears to be a bargain as the sell off is in an avalanche by people selling falling price stocks.
    Another sell off I bought was XOM. bought it on the way down too. Bought just under $40 on it's way to $31. Just got rid of it at $110. Don't avoid all low P/E stocks. Know the reasons the earnings is up or the price is down or both. Yes, XOM has continued to climb after I sold it as it is now $113 per share. Sold it due to the relatively low P/E. Buying other stock now with the price low. Hope to repeat what was done with WES and XOM with shipping container transport stocks. Yes the price is falling. Bought some, and ready to buy more. I did the same with WES but late in the game and bought on the rise. Some was bought at $12 on the way up. Buying this on the way down instead to lock in low prices, because sometimes the bounce back up can be quick. For example, bought WES at $5.42 in April of 2020. This is after it hit $3.11 on April 2nd. The price really caught fire in November with rapid rise as people started to buy the rising stock.

  7. I would be retiring or working less in 5 years and I just want to know best how people split their pay, how much of it goes into savings, spending or investments. I earn around $165K per year but nothing to show for it yet.

  8. I wouldn't use price to sales ratio to decide the value of the stock. Based on price to sales ratio, Walmart has to be the biggest company in the world, but Walmart is not generating any profits these days. I would use PE ratio and price to book ratio to decide if company is undervalued or overvalued.

  9. The performance of major indices such as the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell, and Dow Jones, as well as individual stocks such as SPY and TSLA, have experienced significant declines since the beginning of 2022. Specifically, the S&P 500 has seen a loss of approximately 13-14 percent. Despite this, there may be opportunities for investors to capitalize on market fluctuations and potentially generate profits.

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