Are You Dying for Your Country or for the Rich?

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36 thoughts on “Are You Dying for Your Country or for the Rich?

  1. Your not protecting your country in another country , someone elses country , your doing it to protect and increase the balances of the rich in your country 🤦🏽sooooo sad , so well put Richard ✌🏽

  2. It's saddening that not enough people can see this basic fact – that they are serfs for the imperial/colonial rich. Worse still, too many of the people who are despised by the rich/elite actually support the crippling framework that keeps them poor. There's not enough red pills to go around to wake them up cos someone keeps putting blue pills in the food & drinks of these people!

  3. I would rather stand in front of my Vehicle of 20 years for trouble-free service and salute it ' Thanks for your Service ' than the Military which has served only the Military Industrial Complex Corporations & the US Government for Wars we need not have fought just to steal Resources of other Nations.

  4. That’s what’s all about in America and Britain , Canada , Australia is to steal and control all the worlds countries and resources for the Americans to control the whole world and the poor to keep dying for them in their fake wars or be shot for not dying for them , you have no choice the rich live and the poor will always die about time people rose up and took control again and wipe out all those rich American and British BS ared

  5. That's why alcohol and drug abuse is so high among service members and depression because Deep deep down and there gut that little voice inside is telling them that this is all wrong Most won't come out and say it directly because they can't imagine that their country would sell them to protect corporate interests They don't wanna admit they were played the fool

  6. USA is the evil, but they know act friendly brings them faster to his goal. When other Country hope that one day will have good relationship and Peace they are Naiv.
    USA only way is Imperium play god on the Earth, when other country let them, Usa will do what he wants,.. and again allways is there a hope from other country,, they get friends and later when time come usa kill them, to Weak them. The people need learn it maby on the hard way ,, when so much countrys let usa make what they want is result this.. they know who is eating what to posin them,, usa wrok with every terrorist and mafia on the world together to rich the goal.. Be the only one rich and other are slave,, Like Switzerland do the same and is work with usa together only idiots country think that switzerland we an trust xD is the most Nazi in the world switzerland lol,, also French, England , Germany , Spain help USA in the hope one they when usa have imperium, they will live together with USA rich and good, all other need be made good worker slaves,,,

  7. young man die for old man wars, i left the aussie navy learning my country sent aircraft to bomb Syria. Illegal under international law. i sworn to protect Australia interests and its country yet i'm fighting others people's war. Glad I got out. Thanks Richard for your courage peace

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