Economic Crisis in Lebanon EXPLAINED

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33 thoughts on “Economic Crisis in Lebanon EXPLAINED

  1. Richard according to Norman Fincklestien Palestian is already lost. I agree with him he knows the region Yassa Arrafat was bought by the Americans and the rest is smoking mirrors you may talk about Lebanon sold that is my take. Syria maybe not so fast. I hope you have tenacity to challenge Norman I have no dog in this fight, I realise you and your cousin love Syria

  2. I hate watching news because of the injustice and tyranny going on in this world and knowing i cant do anything about it. And the ones who can arent, its really sad, i pray God almighty sends a ray of hope for the oppressed this has gone on way too long.


  4. Lebanon is a long American movie, the movie starts when the cancer called Israel was planted by Britain after ww2. All our problems are caused by foreign interventions by Britain, USA and Europe, including corrupted of most of the politicians (MOST and not ALL). Wars, economic crisis, sanctions are the work of the evil deep state in USA and Britain. The same goes for the problems in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt

  5. Everything reeks inflation in the economy…. I don't know who, however a person desires to pay attention to this, you have to stop relying on the government and saving all of your money. Venture into making an investment a few in case you actually want monetary freedom

  6. @Richard Medhurst, hi, Richard! Can you talk about situation in Africa in your next stream? Things are disturbing, military coup in Burkina Faso, another u.s. military invasion in the "horn of Africa", again, without UN approve

  7. The corruption in Lebanon was promoted and built into the government framework during the French mandate to maintain enduring influence and control after the Lebanese independence. The result today is hyperinflation and no medicine. health care, social security, fuel, public drinking water, trash collection, or a working government. And if that is not enough, western sanctions are there for good measure. It is tough to be enchanted with Western Democratic values.

  8. I have to correct you hezb Allah did not give the gaz they sold it for more and they did not give anything for free the oil was brought from syria that was stolen from Lebanon during the year and make some bussines saying this was from Iran, Iran never gave lebanon any oil gaz whatever hez allah have taken or stolen from Lebanon they transfer it to syria and later on saying this is a gift from Iran not true. Please get your fact straight I always listen to you I do agree about russia but Lebanon not true

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