Everyone Will Be Wiped Out In 21 Days… (Robert Kiyosaki)

Robert Kiyosaki and Peter Schiff discuss how taking America off the gold standard back in 1971 affects us today. They explain the …


20 thoughts on “Everyone Will Be Wiped Out In 21 Days… (Robert Kiyosaki)

  1. Is this a part of the great reset (klaus schwab)? If the system that depends on the US dollar collapses all depts in US dollar is worthless. That should mean that those that was in dept can start over (reset). What am I missing?

  2. Why. In 197/ we are in proxy war in a Vietnam Chinese are starving
    So we opened talks with China only to be stabbed in the back by bush
    But nonetheless we did it for peace
    Alford the most part it worked until bush sold us outbstarted war in the middle east clibtons did the same thing Obama. Bush Jr all except Trump
    Trump was. A man of peace
    Back to Biden a proxy war in the Ukraine
    . Absolutely I've had enough of these so called elites

  3. nflation is producing a slew of problems throughout the world, including food shortages, diesel and heating fuel shortages, and housing prices and financial market crash. This global collapse might end up being a part of us for a very long time. With inflation currently at about 9%, my primary concern is how to maximize my savings/retirement fund of about $300k which has been sitting duck since forever with zero to no gains.

  4. The review company function must be done every day. The end of the day. To know to adjust the hold more or hold less. But most investors hold the list of the companies but not good to check the companies business

  5. The crash has the leaders. The CEO. And those who buy low price stock and jack up price inflation. And go to option and bet the put the call. And use monies to hire workers to arrange withdraw investment and also add holding jack up price. All along they talk monies and gold. But they did not do earn profit from the production and service even they merging together

  6. We are build industries and companies and bank and innovation and technologies. Because we believe in proper constitution that save life. We do not believe go oversea to dig gold as much as it can be for peoples job and race which we can do but we do not

  7. The dollars earn by legal it is not from gold make us change constitution. We will track those make recession stock market that have innovation and industries and companies and businesses now those talk about gold.

  8. We have rules and laws do not handle the gain and lost without proper constitution it is the human affairs everyone can have monies to spend and invest. You bring out the gold to fix problems

  9. You support Trump. That why things went wrong. And Warren counts on Xi leadership. That why went wrong. The monies big spend it have structure. But the control unsafe by leaders. That the problems. The food we eat from 33 trillions you know we will get kill instantly. Fix the leaders every things we be ok

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