Free Scott Ritter!

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26 thoughts on “Free Scott Ritter!

  1. Ritter got banned after he stated the Bucha slaughter (March to April 2022) was done by UA security police. That is an obvious lie and an extension of Russian propaganda. The Russians did it and the evidence of their agency in Bucha amounts to a small mountain.

  2. Twitter has cover. Their rules say you have to go to them eith an appeal,, to reopen your account, if it gets suspended. Scott decided "I'm a free man, with a right to free speech." He opened a second account with a new account name. Twitter could decide they would not allow him to flagrantly break a Twitter rule.

  3. elon musk is going to let us all down in many ways because he is taking on too much. he has become arrogant and foolish. I am not saying that because I am some lefty. Musk should have stayed apolitical and away from this twitter mess. he should be focusing on tesla and spacex. everything at twitter will be chaos for to primary reasons. 1.) trying to make twitter into a viable town square was always go to be herding cats. 2.) musk has too much going on and tends to micromanage too much.

  4. Musk Is false opposition…What people dont understand about psyops is there is no black and white us against them. The FBI infiltrates everything by being for what ever they get into. If you start a motorcycle club and say you are for guns and the govt sucks you will get new members that are all in with you …nice guys….but…they are the FEDS that's how they do. They blow it up from the inside. If you have a peaceful protest when the govt wants to break it up they have a person or persons inside do something stupid like fire a gun off then the cops comes in and smash heads…the regular peaceful people suffer its been going on forever sad that people are so ignorant.

  5. F Elon Musk – if anyone believes he's a free speech absolutist, they are an imbecile. Very short sided to put your trust in any person, especially one of the richest people on the planet, with who knows what going on in his head.

    Many people have made a point – there either IS Free Speech – ie you can say WHATEVER, no matter how heinous, dangerous (you can shove your "fire in the theater" example where the sun don't shine), offensive, etc – or you can't (and it's some sort of a charade). Think about it – this is one of the things that IS absolute (and will never be allowed anywhere), everything else is a fig leaf of different sizes.

    I think the best bet is to let each society decide what's acceptable to them (where they'll hopefully have clear cut laws around the limits) and keep those decisions to themselves (i.e. not push what works somewhere onto somewhere else, where it might not for a plethora of reasons).

    PS Twitter is a pos – still boggles my mind that it somehow is seen not only as useful, but somehow critical (I guess in the context of vast majority of people are sheeple, the "wise leaders" need a prodding stick, it makes sense – what a sad sad world).

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