This was finally done from one side, where one would have least suspected.

It was the stupid muscle man, this eternal scourge of science, who brought it back to life among us. The fall of Constantine Tonis brought the remains of ancient Greece to Italy. France also enriched itself on this precious prey. The sciences soon followed literature. Writing with art combined the art of thinking with an order that seems strange and that is perhaps only too natural. And you started to become one. That the main benefit of dealing with the Muses was that they made people more sociable by instilling in them the desire to please each other through works worthy of mutual applause. The mind has its needs as well as the body. The needs of the body are the foundation of society, but the others are the pleasure of it.

While the government and laws for the security and welfare of the assembled people are guarding, the sciences, literature and the arts, which are less despotic, but perhaps the more powerful, are spreading flower wreaths over their chains. Suffocation in them. This feeling of that original freedom, for the sake of which they seemed to have been born.

Leave your slavery and forms out of them what are called civil peoples. The need built the drone, the sciences and the arts have fortified it. Four powers on earth love natural abilities and protect those who are working to improve them. She improved her civilized peoples. Happy slaves. You owe them this delicate and fine taste, whose Ehrich praises this gentle temperament and this politeness of manners, which makes dealing with you so confidential and so easy, in a word the appearance of all virtues, although you do not really have any of them.

By Heinz Duthel

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