Imran Khan Charged Under ”Terrorism Act”

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31 thoughts on “Imran Khan Charged Under ”Terrorism Act”

  1. The Pakistani political has-been are quick learners. Use the American convenient label for terrorism and Modi’s ban of the Kashmiris’ internet and viola everything is Halal.

  2. The British balkanised India before they left along religious lines as usual. Ever since then Pakistan has been under US control. Its military and Judicary are corrupt and in pockets of US. Imran saw the future for his country was to normalise with India and joining with China and Russia. So he had to be removed. US will use Pakistan to war with India if India doesn't play ball. China has invested billions in Pakistan for the Belt and Road and will now now steer away towards Iran and India hopefully. Pakistan a failed state betrayed by its military and Judicary for western interests. No wonder the people support Imran.

  3. … You said that they are trying to bar him from ever being able to do politics again.. Is interesting that in America they did not Sanction Donald Trump by actually impeaching him if they had he would no longer be allowed to participate in politics but politics but he was not faced with this type of reality.. Makes me wonder why.. It is easy to see The character of Imran Khan and love him. He has integrity. Something no American politician has nor the people Is taking their bride money. They have no factual data to support their hate full agenda of global greed…. If we reduce the dependency of allowing America to be called a currency leader would it fade away… Because it is not a leader of anything positive

  4. If you get what you put out America is isolating itself… And not by necessarily stealing everybody else's resources by its bad behavior that no one wants to participate with the country that drops bombs on everyone as retaliation.. Or not doing what it says as a dictatorship. Described as many other things but isn't.

  5. Democracy if it is Western base is the idea that a few people can be manipulated to create the regime change they want. It is not democracy it is manipulation like you said paper Cardboard cut out.. But they are not real people and they are not what the majority wants. It's just a fake way of manipulation. We don't need representatives we need a majority vote.. And the majority vote carries out the Directives

  6. If calling people into accountability… Is an act of terrorism… Perhaps the West is funding it.. with its magic printing press.
    Why should zelinski have a 50 million dollar mansion in Florida….. Why should the Biden administration have printed a 100 billion dollars going into Ukraine without any paper trail of accountability… Other than corruption… The printing press needs to be stopped because people keep taking the bride candy to create chaos

  7. Imran khan is ex crickter who won the world cup in 1992 and he build Cancer hospital, bulid colleges, Numal universities and so on…He is the heartbeat of nation.Pakistan needs only Imran khan.Pakistanis are against Us regime change in our courty. We shall not accept 3 stooges which America forced us to accept.

  8. I feel for Imran. He is not easily discouraged by this adversity and though the people love him, I fear he may become too big a problem for the power elite to ignore. The world needs more leaders like him and the Eastern world needs more like him too. I can only wish him the best and trust the fates will not abandon him.

  9. If Imran Khan is a terrorist then apples can fly like birds. Name one person Imran Khan has killed…….Humm nope. Name one bomb that he created and set off in public space…. Can't say that he did. Well WTF is terrorizing about him? He scared people on a cricket field with his skills? Nice try 😂

  10. Regime change by USA UK Donald Lu partners in consipiracy external interference in Pakistan. Corrupt mafia political leaders Zardari's 🙉 Sharif's 🙉 Fazloo 🐒 corrupt looting poor people involved money laundering to UK USA

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