Richard Medhurst faces Grooming Accusations [Victims come forward in new Medium article]

While nothing is proven for sure, it is always important to listen to when victims come forward. Click▽ Come check out the new …


20 thoughts on “Richard Medhurst faces Grooming Accusations [Victims come forward in new Medium article]

  1. IF true, that's extremely unfortunate – especially bcs he is a prominent voice on the anti-imperialist left. I'm a bit taken back by your jabs at the movement as a whole TBH…If you mean by 'conspiracy theory' pipeline – i.e the real and credible OPCW (FFM) whistleblowers who investigated Duma Syria, then that would make you the conspiracy theorist. All Mate' has done, is report what the whistle blowers have claimed/investigated. Outlets like Bellingcat are literally funded by NATO to push US imperialism – which is exactly the same framing they place on this very issue. You wouldn't be repeating pro-NATO propaganda now, would you? Just a snapshot of supporter of award winning journalist Aaron Mate's and his reporting on this issue:
    – Kyle Kulinski
    – Chris Hedges
    – Matt Taibbi
    – Dan Cohen
    – Scott Horton
    – Rania Khalek
    – Abby Martin
    – Russell Brand
    – Katie Halper
    – Benjamin Norton
    – John Pilger
    – Glenn Greenwald
    – Max Blumenthal
    – Lee Camp
    – Tulsi Gabbard
    – Anya Parampil
    – Mark Ames
    – Danny Sjursen
    – Jimmy Dore
    – Roger Waters
    – Susan Sarandon

    just to name a few of the prominent ones.

  2. I used to donate and watch him but I had to stop watching when he, like other Doreknobs, think leftists w different perspectives on undeniably multifaceted events are worth ruthlessly attacking instead of reactionaries, Repugs, rightwingers, fascists, and truly evil monsters.

    Anytime a person revels in taking down lib/Left's small, unpowerful and overmatched corner of the internet….they lose me. That crap has zero value with me and I consider them a dangerous enemy to the good people fighting for a better, peaceful life.

  3. Is this really happening I used to be friends with him I still am I don’t know if I could still be or not be anymore I don’t know what to do anymore should I continue to trust him I can’t believe this like I don’t know weather to continue

  4. I'm a part of that group that he (is/was) an admin for. I liked following him back during the democratic primaries, he had interesting takes back then, but then during the election run-up he became very anti-Biden, and while I say with utmost certainty that Biden sucks, I wasn't a fan of the "just don't vote" and "both sides are the same" mentality that he was promoting. I kinda stopped following him then, got into more of Seders work. I'd pop back in to hear him talk about the Syrian bombings, but for the most part I kinda just stopped. I'm still shocked from hearing this though, I never caught any creepy vibes from him, but then again if he had creepy vibes, he wouldn't be a good predator.

  5. When you try to discredit the anti-imperialist left for being "so far down that pipeline that you start to get into the conspiratorial side", all you are doing is vague hand-waving. Is that what you mean to accomplish with this channel, or can you articulate and clear up an actual conspiracy theory that you think a reporter like Aaron Maté is putting forward?

  6. I made a grave error to check the comment section. Oh boy!

    It's not cool at all when some so called leftists from the opposite side of the world support our oppressors just to cater for their own position on their government. Both Syria and Iran are led by a fascist nationalist parties that had historically crushed and murdered Lebanese/Syrian/Iranian Leftists. The first general secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party Farajallah Helou was assassinated (thrown into an acid bath) by the Syrian regime. Our longest standing Secretary Georges Hawi was assassinated by the Syrian regime. Our main ideologue Mehdi Amel was assassinated by the Iranians. 7 of my father's friends were buried alive by a Syrian outfit in Lebanon. If you're truly anti-fascist/anti-imperialist, do not exclude the Iranian and Syrian regimes from your list. Well, unless you're a hypocrite. Either support the mid-east left or leave us be and spare us your opinion.

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