Scott Ritter and Marcia Baker talks about famine due to the war in Ukraine

Scott Ritter and Marcia Baker talks about famine due to the war in Ukraine #ukraine #ukrainewar #ukrainecrisis #famine #russia …


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  1. Scott, to help you eliminate your cough make an herbal tea with chamomile, ginger, lemongrass, 4-6 whole cloves (or more, if you like), marshmallow (the herb, not the "poison"), licorice root, and peppermint (either plant or essential oil). It has helped me incredibly. Maybe a 1/2 tsp to a tsp each in a teapot except if you're using peppermint oil, just 3 or 4 drops. I've been following you wherever you go and you've had this cough for more than a week, it seems. But also, thanks to you, I found this channel and it's a very pertinent discussion. Thank you Scott and thank you Cynthia and Marcia.

  2. The biggest obstacle to all of us now is the media. The media should be an institute to inform the public what their governments are up to. The media should ALWAYS be super critical if the government is not acting in the best interest of its population. It should be made illegal for ANY media outlet to have any funding whatsoever from the government directly OR indirectly. The media shouldn't really praise the governments for anything because the standard of living under said government will influence the peoples vote anyway!

  3. Everyone should be aware that Scott Ritter is indirectly paid by the Russian government. Scott Ritter writes for RT which formerly stood for Russia Today. RT is a Russian state controlled international news television network that is funded by the Russian government. RT has been described as a purveyor of propaganda and disinformation. A Canadian government minister described RT as the "propaganda arm of Vladimir Putin". Of course, Scott Ritter says that Russia is defeating Ukraine. He is paid by Russia. Ritter would say that black is white and white is black if Russia told him to say that.

    If you do not believe that Ritter is indirectly paid by the Russian government, please do a little research and you will see that I am correct.

    There have been people like Scott Ritter before. Have you ever heard of Tokyo Rose and Lord Haw Haw? If you have not, please do a little research. They were people that broadcast state sponsored propaganda/lies for the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany during World War II. Scott Ritter is a liar who works for a Russian state controlled news network. Ritter is like Tokyo Rose and Lord Haw Haw.

    I consider Scott Ritter to be a dangerous person. He spreads lies for the Russian government and many people are not intelligent enough to distinguish between what is true or false.

  4. Its mix of propaganda and truth! the war in Ukraine is just about washing money,Afganistan war is lost to US,(sorry for billions)the history is always repeat itself from the Babilionian Empire!(2350 years BC)

  5. C'mon man. While the WEF is shutting down farms around the world, they are doing all they can to prevent world starvation. Just look at the new 12-acre facility in London Ontario. Why that facility alone will produce 20,000,000 lbs. of tasty bugs each year for human consumption.

  6. People around the world are starting to realise that USA and the West are as Vladimir Putin says "Empire of lies" and deliberately destabilising the world and the food supply.
    It will not end well when the "Rest of the world" turn their backs on the treacherous West

  7. 2014 Minsk accords were a sham? Well had the 1994 Budapest Memorandum been stuck to by Russia then the accords would not have been necessary. Ritter is an embittered fraud, a registered sex offender and convicted felon, pro Russian shill paid off by Russia state media. That is where his pay checks now come from. Giving such a disgusting person a platform to push unfiltered Russian propaganda written by the Kremlin and pumped out without even logical thinking to counter it is shameful for this channel. Ukrainian grain feeds millions, and Russia threatened their ability to export it by seizing many Ukrainian ports and patrolling the Black Sea with its warships targeting anything leaving ports still controlled by Ukraine. What's more the areas under Russia control have seen widespread theft of grain, holding farmers at gunpoint and stealing away their produce without payment. Russia has a long history of this. Stalin did exactly the same thing by purposefully ordering grain be stolen from Ukraine resulting in the starvation of MILLIONS of Ukrainians in this region during the 1930s, in a genocide called the Holodomor. If Russia had not invaded Ukraine then none of this would have happened. PERIOD!

  8. Российские удобрения должны поступать только дружественным странам, но Россия настолько добрая, что продаёт даже врагам, чтобы не сдохли простые люди. Вы, Запад, так себя не ведёте, вы всегда желали смерти всем русским. Я хочу одного: пусть восторжествует справедливость!!!

  9. Там люди умирают с обеих сторон, из-за вас, суки! Вам же надо быть как фашистам – высшей расой! Что не так? тогда встали и пошли возмущаться! А если тепло, то ждите – скоро к вам придёт такое же)

  10. According to the United Nations Food Program – funding by country in 2022:
    USA $7.2 Billion
    Germany $1.8 Billion
    EU $700 million
    *Russia $10 million*
    Amount Vladimir Putin spent on gold toilet brushes in 2022: $25 million

  11. No, not any normal person woud not waste food. Unfortunately, most people do waste food at a daily bases. Not that they have this purpose in life but because… they really don't care or don't notice. They only want to eat certain parts of an animal, cooked in a certain way, they prefer dishes that would waste a lot of meat in favour of flavour (just a simple example: a roast chicken is eaten in one sitting by 1-2 persons, while from the same chicken I could cook 5 different meals to last for 1 week for 2 persons, of course in combination with various ingredients), they buy more than they need and then don't eat what they buy so they need to throw it away, they throw parties with mountains of food half of which is wasted… and they are all normal persons. I actually should say 'we' instead of 'they'. We all waste lots of food and resources and we don't even realize. That's the problem.

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