Scott Ritter DESTROYS the West’s Ukraine War Lies w/ Dan Kovalik

Scott Ritter and Dan Kovalik joined to answer the question: Does Russia or the West want peace in Ukraine? This program is …


44 thoughts on “Scott Ritter DESTROYS the West’s Ukraine War Lies w/ Dan Kovalik

  1. This is an existential war. Either the dollar and the US empire survives or the Russian Federation does.
    Only a mass clear out of the neocon lunatics inside the beltway and senior echelons of the DNC and GOP, resulting in their trial, conviction and imprisonment will convince the Russians of American sincerity, otherwise we’re doomed…

  2. I love listening to Scott Ritter. He doesn't lie and he tells you bluntly what will happen without prevarification. All the NATO leaders should listen to his advice and stop sending Ukrainian soldiers through the meat-grinder.

  3. The victory will be declared in London this time. We did it in Paris and Berlin in the past. It needed to be farther to the west. The mistake will be corrected. Nice talking to you guys. Do any of you speak Latin?

  4. There will be no peace until the WEST get their way which is going to lead to WORLD WAR 3. The WEST have been warned that RUSSIA is not IRAQ LIBYA or AFGHANISTAN. If this war continue, it will be a catastrophe for the universe.

  5. Prospects for peace – Collective west (NATO) to go back where it was in 1991. One way or the other. Make your choice boys. Ultimately, world peace might have some chance if English joins Latin Language on the list of dead languages.

  6. Oh, dear. You are kidding with your first question! Who is genuine?! Anglo-Sphere is never genuine, my friend – it is against their religion and genetic structure. Ask native Americans if you don't trust me

  7. The Left Lens… I hate when people try to speak for all of us, specially when they hold fringe views that do not represent most of the left.

    Putin tested the West response invading Georgia. No answer. Then the Donbass. No response. Then Crimea. Nothing again. And finally, the whole of Ukraine, which Putin thought it would be another walk in the park like Czechoslovakia in 1968. It beggars belief that you think Putin has done all this "reluctantly."

    If you have read "On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians" by Putin The Reluctant, does it sound to you like someone reacting to the evil US empire or someone sharing his Greater Russia thoughts? Why would the West continue the Nordstream 2 in spite of Russian actions? Is that the calculated steps of a NATO alliance trying to encircle Russia? Doesn't it look more like Western countries trying to have stronger ties with Russia so we can have a peaceful coexistence? In fact, Putin The Reluctant is so sure NATO will never invade Russia that he has been repeatedly threatening with nuclear weapons if Russia doesn't get its way in Ukraine. Putin KNOWS the West is scare of a nuclear conflagration. Who wouldn't be? NATO's Eastern expansion doesn't bother Putin so much because of the threat NATO poses to Russian sovereignty, but because Russia will lose any chance to recover its former colonies.

    The truth is that Eastern countries were always right. They know NATO is the only thing that can stop Russia from absorbing them again, either by making them puppet countries, like Belarus today or Ukraine under Viktor Yakunovitch, or by force. But for the fringe left, their views are irrelevant. What these countries desperately want is inconsequential. They should shut up and let the adults talk. Fighting for tyranny is great when Cuba or Nicaragua are trying to defend against the US empire, but god forbid if Eastern European countries dare to secure true independence from their former colonizer! Geez.

  8. The only thing the US will understand is the reality on the ground. Russia must take and hold all the territory needed for its own security. It won't be over when it's over but it will be the beginning of the end of US domination of the European continent.

  9. Tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are!

    The perverted Scott Ritter is a registered sex offender against children who served several years in prison shows that something is demonstrably seriously wrong with his brain by making us believe that Russian mobilized cancer patients, ex-imprisoned murderers and other defectives are well equipped for war against Ukrainian soldiers !
    Don't know how many videos I've seen on Russian mobilized complaining that they have no equipment and no training to mention! What a formidable liar he is!
    A Russian agent who writes for a Russian newspaper and spreads disinformation at its worst!

  10. Russia is stupid enough to believe that west will keep their promise, because Russia don't want to wake up from their dreams even under four times blows by NATO expansions, so sad to be so stupid

  11. The Wolfowitz and Brzezinski proposals for the strategic dismantling of Russia seem viable in 1991 but in the last 30 years we have seen the incredible rise of China and the recovery of Russia and the de-industrialization of the US. There are people in the US that will do anything to prevent a US decline even… atomic war. .

  12. In truth, even Desert Storm was a sham. Sure it was de jure legal, but de facto it was another US bullying arrangement. I suspect Ritter knows that which is why he approached his role as weapons inspector the way he did. He knew (or suspected) he'd be lied to and his weapons inspector experience confirmed.

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