Scott Ritter – The Future of Russia?

Scott Ritter – The Future of Russia? #ukraine #scottritter #russia SPEAKER : Scott Ritter VIDEO: …


13 thoughts on “Scott Ritter – The Future of Russia?

  1. The West represents the colonialist empire were the power structure is shared with Ashkenazi zionists like the ruthchilds among other white supremacist ruling families that had long history in the slave trade which once created apartheid South Africa and today’s racist apartheid israel, to colonialist ameriKKKa, and Australia that once was aboriginal Indian land. The West is a white supremacist colonialist enterprise based on race exploitation and all nations must be subservient to this arrangement that is so capitalist in nature to the extent of being even destructive to the people and even land. Russia is against this arrangement because it goes against their system and Russia being a geographical/biologically Asian/Middle Eastern bloodline that is also Slavic european but its eastern half which is very evident culturally is not shared with the West because the West only thinks about living just for today and no thought of tomorrow and that’s how the West got caught up in a losing war in every region of the globe, you name it. The West is characterized as extremely selfish and racist, rightfully so. Now even though I don’t have this thought of you Scott Ritter but just wanted to say that you’re just one of the very few peoples I would even write to share my experience and views with but I want you to remember that most peoples from the East are extremely private peoples and won’t speak unless spoken to and even then they may not even respond because they are raised differently, I know you understand this very well. The peoples of the East think twice before acting on a thought or idea were the West is very impulsive were others in the West love to do brainstorming which is very good were it channels their impulsive tendencies, and another thing is that the West is so materialistic. The West is so materialistic that they even lose thought of their friends family and even themselves for a materialistic gain which is part of the reason why the West accumulated so much wealth and destroyed a lot from their impulsiveness like choosing to use ukraine to go up against Russia were it became a losing venture because the West put no thought in it. Take care and stay safe

  2. The ignorance & arrogance of our western countries leaders is absolutely staggering. We've had it drummed into our societies if we question any of our leaders policies or decisiond we are conspiracy nutjob or Putin trolls. It's so wrong how they're trying to dictate their vile policies upon us all & vilify us for even questioning them. When their decisions were clearly driven by hatred & extremism. The hypocrisy coming out of our leaders mouths is absolutely staggering. I am of the belief, they actually believe we the citizens are as stupid as they are. I mean what type of leader willingly stops their biggest energy supplier from selling them cheap abundant energy? Knowing fine well its going to be a massive problem for hundreds if millions of the citizens they're supposed to be representing. How the hell is that representing us? That is just the tip of the iceberg though. It's much much worse than that. What us even more concerning our leaders have to tell us complete fantasy stories because their lies are so ridiculous, it will expose their actions & how terrible they are. Can anyone tell me a single reasonable excuse why our western leaders are acting the way they are to steal Russia's resources?

  3. I love listening to you Scott Ritter and it’s always been a breath of fresh air but the West is racist, ameriKKKa is racist and same with the British, they are our enemies for this reason, I don’t see you Scott Ritter as my enemy because you understand what is happening while the rest of the ameriKKKan colony knows the pain they are inflicted on Russia and the East but continue to do it anyways. The West cannot expect for Russia to hate and dismember himself physically, culturally and geographically, that’s impossible for Russia to do that and Russia doesn’t need the West that bad because the West isn’t worth that pain. The West is our mortal enemies, this is even beyond Russia itself because Russia shares a collective security with Iran North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and China, parts of Africa. The West sees our region and peoples as the enemy so ameriKKKans and British cannot expect Russia to tear his body and soul in half for the West, that would be insane and not worth it and I would take up arms once again if this were even remotely possible. I love you Scott Ritter but the West expectations are literally impossible my friend

  4. And its not only natural that Russians are related to the East because of their geographic location, their closest eastern half would be the South Caucasus and Chechnya which is also situated in the region caucuses. Russia is also Middle Eastern/Asian and Slavic. Because of this they will always be hated by the West, take my word for it

  5. Well because Russians are part Asian they are rejected by the West and the West won’t except them for this reason just as they hate blacks (Africans) hispanics Arabs Asians and therefore hate Russians. Russians have an Asian Middle Eastern bloodline that even can be traced to Iran believe it or not. The West never liked these races of peoples so that’s why 26million Russians were killed during WW1 -WW2 by the Nazis.

  6. Amazing video! Thanks for uploading this. During WW2 the Americans landed at Normandy too late. Germans had already been weakeaned by the Russians. The nation which was isolated by the west (before Russia) was Germany. We all know what happened at WW1 and WW2. No nation which respects itself will accept this. Modern western politicians know this. They simple dont care about the lifes of their citizens.

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