Scott Ritter: Ukraine/Russia Start Of The End?

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27 thoughts on “Scott Ritter: Ukraine/Russia Start Of The End?

  1. It will be the total destruction of UKRAINE . The WEST & US cannot do anything more other than sending arms for the death of ukrainians .
    If the WEST & US – NATO is involved – RUSSIA ally CHINA – NO LIMIT will see the total destruction of the WEST & US FORCES in a single strike with its HYPERSONIC MISSILES – DF 41 & DF 46 which the WEST & US cant stop .

  2. The same shit happens every few years: Vietnam, Irak, Afghanistan, Syria… and now Ukraine!
    Preparations for Taiwan must be already in the planning, because Ukraine cannot be the last war, where the West f…d up countries for decades.

  3. This will end on the battlefield with Russia the victor and Ukraine defeated. As happens at the end of all wars, the victor hauls the leader of the defeated into the negotiating room and gives them the terms of surrender. Zelensky will sign. Then he will be replaced by an interim government appointed and supervised by Russia. Ukraine will be neutral, non-NATO, non-EU, and demilitarized. Russia together with neutral countries will conduct war crime tribunals.

  4. This suit, John is just regurgitating the script from the State dept/MIC/CIA & of course, his paycheck is from these people! Totally agree with Scott that it will be an unconditional surrender by Ukraine & depending on the generosity of President Putin & the RF, Ukraine can either have access to Odessa or be a failed landlocked state which will then be cannabalised by Poland/Romania! US & The West will no longer talk about Ukraine & turn their imperialistic attention towards China #Taiwan which again, will end even more badly for them bar a NUCLEAR WAR & if any yahoos out there think we can survive it…..let me be absolute clear to them that this will be the APOCALYPSE! STOP ALL CONFLICTS, PERIOD!!!

  5. Scott Ridder is the only knowledgeable person in this chat. He's experienced combat, is a retired Marine AND CIA, was assigned to the nuclear weapon program in RUSSIA for many years. He is an expert in battle strategy and has spent his adult life involved in weapons, soldiers, AND war zones. He KNOWS moves and countermoves in battlegrounds. He's a realist and no-nonsense man.

  6. Europe is no longer "Christian". They don't care about Christian Russia. They don't care if the Russians and their church is persecuted like the nazi glory days. EU "love" the nazis as they're killing 2 birds with one stone – destroy the nazis while hoping to weaken the "slavs".

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