Scott Ritter: West Used Minsk Accords to Prepare for Ukraine Proxy War

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39 thoughts on “Scott Ritter: West Used Minsk Accords to Prepare for Ukraine Proxy War

  1. Time that Merkel bought for Ukraine also bought time for Russia. In every respect Russia is infinitely stronger in 2023 than it was in 2005 in large part due to oppressive sanctions that backfired on the west and made Russia more self-reliant–as well as making Russia form far closer to trustworthy and honorable friends and allies in the eastern world

  2. Na fk that boy. Japanese attacked us at pearl harbor. They got what they knew was coming when they did it. There was no war crimes on Japan you can't bomb someone and then when they bomb back oh its a war crime, only because our bomb was bigger than Japan's!

  3. For the US to credibly claim that it wants to negotiate in good faith would require that it give up its imperial ambitions. In contrast, its position toward Russia and China irrefutably proves that the imperial attitude is expanding wildly, recklessly and dangerously.

  4. And, while Merkel (and Macron) was faking out Russia and the world with the Minsk Agreement sham, on the domestic front the US State Dept attacked anyone on Twitter who even breathed anything positive about Russia (and China and Iran) – see Matt Taibbi's report on the Twitter files. This was part of the larger Russiagate propaganda

  5. By exposing the reality of the Minsk scam to give Ukraine time to build a NATO military, these Washington puppets (Merkel, Sarkozy, and Porteschenko) have been tasked to remove the trust needed to come to a diplomatic solution. Just like when the puppet Boris Johnson was tasked to intervene in the early peace talks, this is just another Washington ploy to extend the conflict.

  6. The west lost big time they thought Russia wouldn't do anything but they were shocked and with the sanctions backfiring they opened pandoras box and now its too much for the west to handle and the west getting dirty but will fail.

  7. We now know that all western governments have shown us that it's all run by an elite narrative to which all after follow or be doomed, obviously too we don't live in democracy or have freedom of speech and yet they say we're attacking Russia for peace and democracy,western politics doesn't exist anymore and we're now in an American dictatorship

  8. Part 2. "Ukraine's fatal steps"

    All these steps, fatal for Ukraine, were made under the influence of Western countries and led to war. Russia made all diplomatic overtures to prevent such a development of events. Minsk agreements – These are concrete steps to resolve the conflict between the rebellious regions and the new Nazi authorities. The Minsk agreements were invented by Russia and they leave the rebel regions within the borders of Ukraine (Russia especially insisted on this !!!) but with an autonomous status. That is, Russia fought to the end for the preservation of Ukraine within its borders. Ukraine completely ignored these agreements, the guarantors of which were Germany and France, By relying on a forceful solution to the problem (by destroying the Russians in the Donbass – these are the historical lands of the Russian empire until 1922, which Ukraine did not return to Russia after leaving the USSR in 1991). For all 8 years, the Guarantors did not demand the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements from Kyiv. Later it became clear why: in December 2022, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted: «the Minsk agreements were an attempt to give Kyiv time to strengthen» – she said in an interview with the Die Zeit newspaper. In this way from the very beginning, no one was going to perform them. Ukraine needed time to pump up Western weapons against the Donbass. The Minsk agreements gave them that time. In November 2022, Russian pranksters on behalf of the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul called the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who signed the Minsk agreements. Poroshenko, thinking he was talking to an American, said that he "needed these agreements" in order to "get at least 4.5 years" to "form the Ukrainian armed forces, build the Ukrainian economy and train the Ukrainian military along with NATO to create the best army in Eastern Europe”. (Video of this conversation is available online). He got almost twice as much time as he expected – as much as 8 years to strengthen. That is, the non-implementation of the Minsk agreements was delayed for 8 years. Russia has been deceived again. Putin was discouraged by this admission. He sincerely believed Angela Merkel in the issue of supporting the peaceful resolution of the conflict following the Minsk agreements. In an interview in December 2022 , he was asked to comment on Angela Merkel's confession. It was evident how he was discouraged by Merkel's recognition of the sabotage of the Minsk agreements by Germany and France from the very first minutes after the signing, his purely human emotions are clearly visible at the same time – confusion by this betrayal. He couldn't expect that from someone he truly believed. Then he slowly said that the decision to launch a special military operation was correct in the light of the newly discovered circumstances (from Frau Merkel). “The Minsk agreements of 2014-2015 gave Ukraine time to strengthen the country’s armed forces. Yes, Angela Merkel is right. The Minsk agreements stopped the Russian offensive for a while. Ukraine “strengthened its military position”, the country’s army has become better trained and equipped compared to 2014. It is the merit of the Minsk agreements that the Ukrainian army got such an opportunity, "- said on December 30, 2022 in an interview with The Kiev Independent, the former French President Francois Hollande (he held this position from 2012 to 2017) and is one of the signatories of the Minsk agreements. They all lied to Russia, no one was going to peacefully resolve this conflict from the very beginning at the signing.

    – In December 2021, Russia sent Requests to NATO and the USA to ensure security for Russia. These were Russia's conditions to ensure its own security and build the architecture of NATO (Russia offered to fulfill the promises of the West not to expand to the east and return to the state of NATO in 1997 – before expansion). Refusals came from the US and NATO. In fact, Russia called on the West to fulfill its promise to Gorbachev that the quote: "NATO will not come an inch closer to Russian borders." The naive Gorbachev took his word for it without concluding a written agreement on this matter, and of course he was deceived. He withdrew all Russian troops from Europe and reunited both Germany, and then he was cynically deceived – there were 5 waves of NATO expansion to the east. USA task is to draw Russia into a military conflict with Ukraine, in this regard, to impose economic sanctions that, according to their calculations, will destroy the Russian economy, cause a monstrous a drop in the standard of living in Russia, the discontent of the people and the oligarchs (they took all the yachts and real estate in Europe from the Russian oligarchs) and all this together will overthrow Putin and US put Yeltsin 2.0 on the Russia throne, and Russia will be split into 18 ministates such was the plan.

    The question is closed. Russia acted not just logically, but super logically – it began the process of denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine in order to stop all threats. I think the United States would not even bother to do so in such a situation and carried out such a thing even if there was a hint of a threat. I draw this conclusion on the basis of all the pretexts for starting all military operations on the part of the United States over the past 60 years (and if you dig deeper, you can unearth more than one case of far-fetched US military intervention in military conflicts around the world). Ukraine has pulled together 260 thousand troops to pacify the Russian rebellious regions of Ukraine by force. How to protect Russians in these areas? – Russia thinks. There is no choice and Russia instantly reacts – it recognizes the independence of the new states (For 8 years, Russia refused to do this despite the desperate requests of these rebellious regions. Russia fights to the end for the preservation of the borders of Ukraine, hoping for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which preserved the integrity of Ukraine, but gave the rebellious regions the status of autonomies within Nazi Ukraine) and concludes an agreement with them on mutual security. Exactly like a blueprint, repeats the trick of the Americans with Kosovo. But there the Americans were forced invented the reason in the form of a non-existent genocide of the Serbs against the Kosovars, which in reality did not exist. The Russians repeated this trick, only the threat at this time was real – 260 thousand Ukrainian troops ready to massacre the Russians of the Donbass and Lugansk people's republics. By the way, the Russians insistently urged the Americans then not to make such a legal precedent with Kosovo – otherwise anyone could use it in future. But the Americans did not heed this Russian warning, the precedent was nevertheless created by the Americans, the Pandora's box was opened and the Russian took advantage of it twice – the situation with the recognition of Crimea and these two republics as independent, then referendums on joining Russia (there was not even a referendum in Kosovo – it was simply decided by the local parliament there. Russians made a referendum as required by law – the highest degree of democracy. Ideally.)

    And already in mid-April 2022, in his interview with the BBC, Zelensky said that the country had begun preparing for a clash with Russia since December 2021. Thus, we can conclude that Zelesky's curators are striving to create such conditions in Ukraine that are guaranteed to draw Russia into a military conflict. With his statement, he only confirmed what Russian politicians and experts have always said: NATO was preparing Ukraine for war with Russia. As it is already known today from the documents seized in Ukraine, Russia preempted the Ukrainian invasion of the Donbas by only 12 days, thereby avoiding numerous civilian casualties. Today we already know what awaits people only suspected of being loyal to Russia, and some simply accepted humanitarian products from Russia and were killed for it. Dozens of videos of executed civilians for this. Donbass was awaited by a sea of blood of civilians, there is no doubt. Now we know that it was these intelligence data that finally spurred Russia to launch a pre-emptive operation. In March 2022, Putin, when presenting the Hero of Russia Star to Artyom Zhoga, which his son was posthumously awarded, said the following phrase: “If there was at least one chance to solve this problem by other, peaceful means, we, of course, would use this chance. But they didn’t leave us this chance, they simply didn’t give it. There was simply no other choice."

    A lot of time has passed since the beginning of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. Some observations and conclusions can be made. And there is an important point here: Russians treat Ukrainians as a single Russian people (which all historical documents irrefutably prove), as brothers sparing the civilian population, and Ukrainians consider themselves not Russians (as the Poles wanted from the 13th century, starting this project "Ukraine"), and the Russians are considered a foreign hostile nation demanding the total destruction of every single one, including babies. Hence such a different war on both sides, the attitude towards prisoners and civilians.

  9. From her onset on 4th
    July 1776 to date, the misnomer uncle sam's international diplomacy has never changed an iota — i.e. arm twisting coupled with carrot and stick. No one should expect the egotistic greedy official policy of the neocons in the States to become altruistic and genuinely humanitarian overnight. Thanx for your great effort to inform us correctly so as to rid ourselves of loads of misinformation and disinformation from the msm! Scott, your guest speaker, is one of the world treasures as far as geopolitics is concerned. Do invite him on your platform severally!

  10. If you understand the looted oligarch cess pool that is post USSR Ukraine you can see why the West were happy to use them as fodder for their geo-political interests. It's very far from recovering from the USSR dissolution.

  11. Not one word from the western powers that be can be trusted any more.
    Europe and uk have traitorous politicians across party lines never ever looking after their own citizens unless being hired to kill others in yet another American proxy war.
    USA is perpetual war as it is its main industry

  12. The point made by Scott Ritter and cosigned by Danny Haiphong is quite possibly the dumbest, most ignorant, most misinformed piece of low IQ thinking I have ever heard. 1) "Angela Merkel said straight up we didn't care about any kind of peace" "Ukraine just massacred people in the donbas, men woman and children" "Russia could have went into the donbas but they don't"
    I grouped these three together but they came one right the other and each one is more untrue than the next. I've already worn my voice out from debunking every single point here so I'll just challenge Danny to stand behind his words and provide even a shred of proof to back up anything he said here. Angela Merkel said nothing of the sort. In fact her point was that it was important to achieve a cease fire because without it Ukraine was going to be destroyed by Russia. If ukraine was going to have any chance of survival they needed time to prepare them elves to defend themselves against Russia. The imperial monster on their border that was invading. Danny wants to believe that merkel never intended to achieve peace. This nonsense. How could they take advantage of the time without a ceasefire lol. It makes no sense you fucking dummy. Also it is not anyone business what a country has on their mind or what their agenda is when pursuing treaties. The reason why agreements are needed is because you have two sides who cannot agree. Two sides that are coming to the table with their own perspective their own goals and thier own desires. The idea is to find a common ground where both sides feel like that achieved what they wanted. That's the point of negotiations. They want you to believe that Russia came to the negotiating table with altruistic intentions. Forgetting that it was Russia who started the war in the donbas when it invaded crimea. Forgetting that it was Russia who had been arming and staffing the seperateist militias waging the war of terror against ukraine. Forgetting that for Russia minsk was designed to give them a legal pretense to annex the donbas and have control over Ukraines decisions. Ukraine, who is the victim I might ad. You Ukraine the country who has been invaded by Russia is being criticized here for hoping to take advantage of the time afforded them by signing the minsk agreement to strengthen their defences. Ahahaha what is wrong with you idiots. What was the next retarded thing Danny said? Russia could have went in if they wanted to. Loll Danny, my guy. Open your fucking eyes bro. Russia was already there. How can they go somewhere they already are. They invaded crimea. Russia soldiers entered the donbas in 2014. They brought with them missiles and tanks. It's a proven fact. Jus check out a million different sources. The osce, the UN, vice news, rt. Oh and the last thing is the dumbest of them all. "Ukraine was just massacreing civilians" well not according to to the osce they weren't. No according to the UN. Not according to the leaders of the lpr and dpr themselves. Not according to Russia they weren't. Not according to data and statistics they weren't. Not according to common sense either. It's pretty disgusting for Danny to say things like this. If you are going to claim genocide and claim that ukraine is murdering civilians left and right you better be able to back it up. But you can't

  13. yeah, go cheer someone else up. The Big Question is WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Whinging solves nothing. Something tells me you know this already, so what the hell are you doing, Danny?

  14. U.S. is directly involved in the conflict , missile targeting via awax aircraft flying in Polish and Romanian airspace ! They are involved , there is going to be NO negotiation from Russian. Fed with the fascist n.a.t.o pact . Its war , instigated by colonial white fascists .

  15. To Those Of You Who Had a Hand in Getting Rid of Trump,,,, YEAH,, 👍 Great Job , but you didn't have a Plan ,,,You Got Rid of Ted Bundy, but you replaced him with John Wayne Gacy. You got rid of Charlie Manson but you replaced him with Jeffrey Dahmer..,..Good job,,,,thanks a bunch

  16. People within the US must learn & understand that the US is an Empire not a Nation. Our govts primary concern is maintaining the empire, hegemony, & unipolarity and not it's citizens or the domestic nation. Thus money is spent on militarization and not to take care of the nation. Foreign policy is created to spread or maintain its control over nations thru it's military, intelligence agencies, and financial control. The destruction of hegemony has a chance to improve the lives of average Americans by bringing the focus back domestically.

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