TG 927: The Gaggle Talks Again To Scott Ritter

George Szamuely and Peter Lavelle sat down for another one of our regular, fascinating, in-depth discussions with military and …


23 thoughts on “TG 927: The Gaggle Talks Again To Scott Ritter

  1. For God's sake, the dirty bomb was already loaded on Mria, so around 200 airborne landed in gastomel, held it until more troops arrived. The bomb was extracted and Mria destroyed. Trust my source.
    The bomb was meant to be dropped on rostov region, thus contaminating Russia's most fertile agricultural region and provoking russia to attack and claiming that its russia that used a nuc. Naturally no one would even bother looking for evidence. Lol. When is the west was ever concerned about it anyway?? Lol.
    MH17 was shot down with a missile that was on Ukrainian inventory. Who gave a hoot??? No one.

  2. The same fascists who are taking orders from the war criminal, Zelensky, will go after the clown . The only reason behind the Ukraine crisis is that Russia, unlike UK and US, refusees to become a colony of the invisible empire of the Israelite International .

  3. Jesus Christ , Scott Ritter has been wrong about everything. Those new conscripts went to Bakhmut and came back in body bags. We can all talk that we know everything, but what's coming out of the Russian army is crazy they aren't getting soviet era equipment from the 70's. The Ukrainian army moral is high and the civilians have true grit taking Russia bombs and not bitching. Scott Ritter is wrong.

  4. Gentlemen, it was enjoyable, informative and entertaining. I research data news myself, but basically every time I hear something extra that my eye or ear missed before.

    1:21:35 what Scott said is exactly why many rational, pragmatically minded people feel warmer towards the RF than others nations, or even their homeland.

  5. scott ritter has no problem getting his message out, like 20 throwaways boosting his every word
    the only issue he has is coming up with new cxontent as anyone who has heard more than three of his talks knows
    the issue i have is people like scott are too vulnerable to federal control, he has legal issues and a bunch of "book deals" hes dependent on
    odd seeing him on gaggle tho, lol

  6. From a Muslim's perspective, as we have been targeted since WW1, the West went on a path of no return the day America and Britain teamed up. Prior to that, there existed a multipolar world.

    And in Islam, at least those of us Muslims who have studied the Noble Qur'an, what is happening over the last 20 years, culminates to what we know in Islam as the Malhama what is known in Christianity as Armageddon.

    The rise of Russia vindicates what the Noble Qur'an had prophecized in Surah Al-Rum (Rome). That Rūm (Constantinople) will rise again and defeat its rivals comprehensively. Rūm (Constantinople) today is Russia. I am sure those who are the students of history, will not their heads in agreement.

    So expect no rapprochement from the West as they will continue to amplify their duplicitous nature as time goes on.

    What Russia, China and the Islamic World ought to prepare for and watch like a hawk at, is the illegal and illegitimate state of israel. Because it is this illegal state for whom the West bends over backwards.

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