The Newly Poor in Germany I Documentary

With the increase in the cost of living, food banks are increasingly in demand in Germany. But the massive influx of people in need …


28 thoughts on “The Newly Poor in Germany I Documentary

  1. The Worlds currency is deeply inflated and indebted. No matter what we can not pay our Debts. Productions and means will be very expensive. Our children’s children will be in debt for the rest of our borrowed lives.

  2. Idiots, instead of praising the lady, which she undoubtedly deserves , this should anger you. Taking tax payers money to give to funking Ukraine whose President thinks the war is a game. His wife dropped 40k in Paris shopping on High streets while people in germany are starving. Shit show.

  3. Why government is not giving food ration card to low income people so that they can get discounts in supermarkets and government pay to supermarkets during this crisis… In India we have ration card system those are poor below middle class they can get cheaper food by showing this card.

  4. Ist Hartz 4 nicht ca 450 Euro pro Person plus Miete, plus Krankenkasse? Das reicht doch zum Leben. Ich habe auch nicht mehr zum Leben, weil ich lieber nur wenige Stunden pro Woche arbeite, und finde es wirklich kein Problem, Lebensmittel zu kaufen etc.

  5. And yet our government is wasting billions of Euros every month. Just now they start realizing that they cannot raise taxes and social security contributions any higher. The lemon they have squeezed for decades is now dry.

  6. I have one request, all help must be unconditional. People are preparing army for other countries inside own country to do street war or roiting.
    This is very sad of part of help. A new hidden policy.
    Person goes under some types of slavery and must come fight war when ever needed.
    So I don't trust activities of such organizations.
    Jay shree ram.

  7. LoL, all these "poor people" live in HUGE cities, where EVERYTHING is competitive and prices are VERY HIGH…… We NEED to teach people about SUPPLY AND DEMAND……

    So sick of these CITY dwellers, REFUSING to live in areas they can afford, and then complaining and asking for hand-outs…..

  8. Its the land. the people should demand land where they can grow food for themselves. Anything from chickens to rabbits to seasonal fruits. Eating bananas in cold climate… 🙄The strange part is when nature is abundant still there is poverty. There should be a movement in getting rid of unimaginable useless taxation and release of land from federal govt so people can grow food.

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