What Happened in Bucha? What We Know and What We DON’T Know

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33 thoughts on “What Happened in Bucha? What We Know and What We DON’T Know

  1. It means there were no representatives of the pentagon on the ground in Bucha in order to independently confirm the report, pictures even several days in a row of satellite images. They were there several days before the mayor made the address and were STILL there several days afterwards. As far as the western media is concerned, yes, they lie but if you don't think the Russian press and government don't lie every time they talk then I have a bridge to sell you in Kherson

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  3. raped in front of their children, already how does she knows that? There is no proof of that, are there children witnesses? I only know of 1 witness, a french human aid worker who they tried to kill for his testimony and is asking for political asylum from Russia because of it. To me it was obviously staged. When people get shot their limbs fall twisted, these people were laying very neatly, the guy on the bike would never fall neatly to the side. The time does not fit with the decomposition, the white cloth used to bind the hands on the back of the woman is normally used by Ukrainians that welcome the Russians. Citizens do not leave bodies laying on the street without pulling them to the side and at least put a cloth over them. Bodies that lay that long on the street not only decompose, but also will be full of dust of the road. And very strange nobody fell dead in the middle of the road, so they had to be removed. Another horrifying pr stunt, and when proven it was not Russia it suddenly will not be shocking and terrifying anymore. It will just disappear from the news.

  4. A French volunteer and writer, former military man Adrian Boke, who visited Ukraine, said that he witnessed the preparation of a provocation in the Kiev suburb of Bucha.

    In April, Boke visited Ukraine twice on a mission to deliver humanitarian aid, medical equipment and medicines. He visited both the Polish-Ukrainian border and Bucha, and saw how Russian prisoners of war are being tortured and killed, as well as how Ukrainian militants are engaged in a staged massacre of civilians.

    “When I talk about murders and torture, I mean the murder and torture of the Russian military. First of all, officers were executed. I heard screams when the Azov people asked who the officer was here. to a person <…> The worst thing is that I didn’t see any human attitude, there were no emotions, because before my eyes people were executed, people were hurt, people were shot, shot in the limbs, in the head,” Boke said.

    So, according to him, he witnessed the torture and murder of Russian prisoners of war in a hangar in the northern part of Bucha. It was in early April, that is, when the Ukrainian military had already regained control of the city for several days.

    Boke noted that he often talked with the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Azov people, who impressed him with their inhuman treatment of Russians, Jews and people of other races.

    "I had to pretend a lot so as not to show my opinion and emotions and, first of all, not to show disagreement with their opinion. Disagreement with their Nazi ideology, especially when they expressed their attitude towards Jews and people with dark skin, because they were very cruel statements. And first of all, I'm talking about hatred for the Russians, because they <…> call them "Russian dogs". And for all these military men, for the military personnel from the Azov battalion, the main task, as they always told me, – is to torture and kill "Russian dogs". As a former military man, this surprised me. Because everything showed that their main goal was to torture and kill "Russian dogs", while they did not even talk about the liberation of their population" recalls the volunteer.

    In addition, he observed how a provocation was being prepared in Bucha to accuse the Russian military of massacres of civilians.

    “When we drove into Bucha by car, I was in the passenger seat. And when we drove through the city, I saw the bodies of people on the sides of the streets, and at the same time, before my eyes, the bodies of people were taken out of the trucks, who laid them out next to those lying on the ground bodies to give the effect of mass deaths," Boke said.

    He added that there were journalists nearby who immediately started filming as soon as a group of bodies formed.

    "One of the volunteers who was at this place the day before, I emphasize that it was not I who saw it, but one of the volunteers told me this. He told me that he had seen the day before how refrigerated trucks from other cities of Ukraine they unloaded the bodies of people and laid them out in rows. From this, I understood that there were staging and extras, "the agency's interlocutor explained.

    He noted that both volunteers and local residents were under pressure – in order to avoid publicity, the militants threatened them with imprisonment and reprisals.

    “We distributed medicines, including those containing narcotic substances, painkillers containing morphine. We were told openly: if you don’t share with us, you won’t go where you need to. I clearly remember that we had to deliver these painkillers to the children’s hospital and we were told that if we did not share, then we would not get there. Moreover, when we were not far from Bucha, we were accompanied by military guards, they were "Azov". They escorted us to one of the hangars and told us to prepare a separate box with drugs containing morphine so that we can move on," Boke said.

    In addition, volunteers were forbidden to take photos and videos.

    "We were warned that otherwise we would be imprisoned for a period of ten years or more severe consequences. This ban also applied to the local population. This pressure was exerted by the military, primarily by the Azov people. Europe today does not understand how strong the population of Ukraine is experiencing pressure," the Frenchman said.

    He admitted that he himself was threatened after he began to talk about the crimes of Ukrainian militants.

    “From the very beginning <…> I began to receive threats addressed to me. Moreover, my mailbox located near my house was shot from a Kalashnikov assault rifle,” the volunteer added.

    He fears that he will be persecuted by the French authorities.

    “Of course, I’m afraid of this, I’m afraid that some things will be fabricated against me in order to silence me or put me in jail,” Boke concluded.

  5. I remember Fallujah, the US allowed an evacuation of ONLY women and children under the age of 8, turned ALL males back over the age of 8 and under the age of 65 and then they tried to exterminate every male they had forced back into the "kill box".
    War crime.
    Flat out undeniably a war crime of monumental proportions. They killed tens of thousands for inoocent males becasue they were bor male. No other reason.
    It was done in retaliation for 3 Blackwater mercenaries being killed, so basically 3 big war crimes were committed there:

    1) Direct attack on civilians, targetting them specifically. War crime.
    2) Direct attack on civillian infrastructure. War crime
    3) Collective punishement. War crime.

    I am sure there are a couple other just on this episode that could be charged as well.
    F the US.
    And they wonder why everyone on the planet hates and mistrusts them, morons.

  6. Seriously, Richard? You have not seen videos of actors lying 'dead' and then moving on the streets in Bucha? There could have been some casualties in Bucha (it's 'ch' not 'k') but not a slaughter as portrayed. You are going by the videos shot by NATO – think again. PS Problem is no independent will be sent to investigate, you know that. So stop keep saying 'it's horrible' before you actually know what actually happened there.

  7. The liar has put his foot into his mouth. He has openly put the cart before the horse. Which means they have openly using a so-called video, to set up in place disprove their mirage. The reason Why the liar make a video, the liar knows the victims are going to come after them. Unknowingly these slimey snake liars, have admitted to the world, that they are lying and are trying to Cover up their lies beforehand.

  8. Richard, I am impressed by your courage. You are a true journalist! But, no, there won't be an independent or neutral investigation. Let's say we can find forensic resources that could carry out such an investigation. Imagine the pressure they will be under from all West countries that "already know" who is to blame for this!
    War crimes, genocide, all justified in our faces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM0uvgHKZe8
    And this people will tell us about war criminals!

  9. Do you really believe in an independent investigation? Are you serious? USA provide Ukraine with weapons that cost millions dollars. And do you really believe that US could allow any risk of that if independent investigators would get a conclusion that everything is made by Ukrainians? US stay on the position of that Ukraine is a victim and Russia is an aggressor. And US pretends that they are protecting a democracy in Ukraine against of Russian invasion. What if independent investigators would proof that Ukrainian did it? And US invested so much already. I think it would not a big deal for them to kill those independent investigators.

  10. You asked why UK refused to convene the UN security council and then you answered that later. Russia would have asked for an independent committee to visit the crime scene and investigate and this would have cornered the west.

  11. Thought this was ging to be a story/analysis about Bucha.
    You don’t have to convince me about the invasion in Iraq being a horrible crime; at the time i was one of the millions marching against it.
    Like many in Europe (especially in Sweden and Finland) i didn’t like my country to be associated with NATO for that reason. In spite of all the shortcomings of the EU i was hoping they would come together to create a more independent defence strategy. I think steps in that direction were being made. But Putin’s rhetoric has scared the shit out of everyone, especially countries with a Russian speaking minority.
    The hypocracy goes both ways: Bomb Chechnia to pieces when it wants independance, but the Dombas is entitled to it.
    The disinformation war also goes both ways: and actually the Russian pattern makes me less inclines to believe them. The pattern of – up to Lavrov and ambassadors – offering multiple theories to every event (we didn’t do this; it was a Ukranian missile/ blow up; the site was used by Ukrainian Neo-nazis; corpses rising from the death; the woman is an actress etc. Take your pick and see which one holds ).
    Bucha is an example of this: before anybody could possibly have investigated anything the denials started. Bodies standing up in the rearview mirror (debunked); revenge murders after the Russian left because there was no corpse stiffness (oeps, corpse stiffness disappears, so let’s not use that argument again); the white bands (a bit more convincing, but would Ukrainians leave them on if the bodies were planted?) I’m awaiting the results of the international group of pathologists that are indeed investigating at the moment.
    The same with the Mariopol hospital: no Russian attaque; the lady was an actress playing double role (this DID convince me, untill i saw her interviewed at a Russia linked site where she suddenly WAS considered credible and real. Her story makes me guess Russians mistakenly bombed the wrong hospital).
    In short: It’s MH17 all over again: multiple theories to choose from, but none of them pointing at Russia . And don’t tell me there would be any logic in it being Ukraine which downed the plane.
    As you rightly state: every war will lead to atrocities, and this one was started by Putin. I understand and share your anger about the Middle East, but let’s not pretend in this case or in this region the agressor is any other but Russia.
    Listening to Putin’s arguments in his speech he might sound convincing, but looking further :
    – if historic developments should be an excuse for invasion right now the whole of Europe would be at war, every country at one time or another ‘belonged ‘ to another
    – countries did join NATO, but for years NATO presence and exercises have been negligable. In no way threatening
    – Looked up the timeline for language laws in Ukraine, and it seems to me prior to the annexation of Crimea all languages were treated pretty equal . The attemps to make Ukranian the official language (and no, not forbidding Russian) started after that.
    – Yes, there’s corruption and neo-nazis in Ukraine. The combined parties got 2% of the vote however. Azov seems a terrible regiment, but as to hypocricy: so is the Wagner group. Guess both Ukraine and Putin find Neo-nazi’s usefull in battle. As to corruption: Russia itself scores even pretty much higher on this index.
    – As to industrial decline and low GDP in Ukraine i would say Putin gave Ukrainians a strong incentive to want to join the EU (comparing how former eastern European countries have developed economically after joining).

    Well, in short: Completely agree the US and NATO have no right to claim the moral highground and demand the world to accept their hegemony and idea of democracy (especially not by force). But neither has Russia the right to prevent a country choosing this path under the guise of (apparently onesided) feeling of brotherhood. After all, no one is denying that since Maidan there have been 2 free elections in Ukraine.

  12. Great. I want to add, on my channel (click on the hat with earflaps) there are three parts of videos about Bucha, there are actually a million questions and no answers.
    See for yourself, all my videos are subtitled in English, think for yourself why this is so and who benefited from it.
    Welcome to my channel

  13. The clip of Biden shown during this video is a confessional. The moron states clearly that he will authorize further release of weaponry to Ukraine so they can "continue the war," not win the war or end the war. The war industry, the arms dealers, Biden, affiliated hacks in Congress and, perforce, the corporate media have many dollars to make through a war of attrition. For the war industry which makes billions – they never lose a war. It is also shameful to the highest degree to witness the pusillanimous press – the Guardian, NY Times, Wash Post, etc. ad nauseam, cheerlead for this war, even stoke it. The doors of these propaganda machines should all be shuttered for pseudo-journalistic malpractice.

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