Working But Poor I Documentary

Citizens across Europe who used to belong to the lower middle class have fallen into poverty. An in-depth investigation into the …


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  1. this is not true, and not the image of Europe, you're totally wrong, if you live in europe it's easier to be millionaire, in this videos those garbages are Cigarette smoking and special hair style service cost hundreds of euro . She is not a poor woman , living in a house .

  2. The politicians should watch this documentary!!! this makes me so angry…the lower middle class are hard working people. Work has to be worth so much more. Its not the solution to work forever until our bodies give up on us.

  3. I find it difficult to feel sorry for Germany when they have allowed themselves to be castrated by the US over the Ukraine. They had a good thing going with Nordstream only to have it sabotaged with no protest. How can that be?

  4. It seems like the homeless people in many European countries are in much better shape(physically and Mentally) than many homeless here in America. The chances of survival is also much higher for them in Europe. Don't know if drug usage is a major contributing factor.

  5. 정치인들과 빅텍크 회기사들,세계갑부들이 보름스포룸에서 다 결정한 계획된일 우한 바이러스>>코빗팬데믹>>백신마피아>>마스크마피아>> 푸틴 러시아 : 우크라이나 전쟁> 물가상승>>… 모두 뉴월드오더로 가는중, 조지오엘의 소설이 현실화 되어가는중.

  6. If you want to know who is getting rich, just look at the subsidies, like the guy said at the end. In Germany, the government subsidizes all the Green's initiatives like solar and insulation of houses, and heatpumps. The subsidies go straight to those companies rather than to the public (they just raise the prices) while the people have to pay ever higher prices for these every changing environmental rules.

  7. I would say the majority of countries in Europe especially the Balkans are like third world countries. The world problem is unemployment people in the Balkans are forgotten people
    Changes of government leaders has lead to severe corruption by the the so called fixers of employment but all they have done is closed down factories WHY
    Properties bought by the elites of the countries and have created an unbelievable unsustainable future for young middle age and no one left to look after the elderly because the young have left for other countries for work.
    Your jobs are not guaranteed and the pay is a farce. 200 euros per month in the balkan countries. And they are in so much debt.
    The thought of having children is on hold.
    We are looking at one child per couple.
    We know who the people are that have stolen money from the people but they think they are above the law
    There are too many to mention that need to be arrested and charged with theft and thrown in jail. The people at the top.
    The European Union is a farce they are responsible for the debt in many countries in Europe. Who are they the members who voted for them. This was done all by secret meetings
    Give back our sovereignty and our borders back and back to our currencies
    The European Union is a bunch of elites.
    I love Europe I was born there but I have not seen any improvement by employment wages
    and infrastructure crumbling no money to fix serious infrastructure
    Roads trains hospitals lack of doctor's nurses
    Buildings ready to collapse.
    I call some of the politicians like Ali Baba and the 400 thieves

  8. Hi
    Die Regierung wird nur wieder funktionieren wenn sie von dem Herrn Jesus/ Yeshua nach Seiner Wiederkehr zu Jerusalem geregelt wird! Bald!
    Shalom to us only in Christ Yeshua returning soon to reign over the world from Jerusalem.

  9. A lot of it comes down to people wanting to live in the cities but can't afford it.
    So instead of moving further out into cheaper accommodations and find work there, they live at the poverty line.
    People are not entitled to live in cities, either you have the money or you don't, it will never be "fair".

  10. i honestly believe that everything happening isnt coincidental. i think its all planned. first it was covid, then the war in Ukraine, and God knowns what they are going to come up with next. they want to prepare people for the great war as they did before the ww 1and2 by impoverishing us, putting more financial and psychological pressures so we end up fuelling their great war and killing each other to survive. thats their plan.

  11. Well done 👌, this video gives a true image of how things are getting worse for what used to be 'middle class'. My husband retired last december after a working career of 46 years in a factory. I was a nurse in an old people's home . Together our retirement income is about 3000 euros . We own our house . Due to higher costs for gas , electricity, health care and other monthly costs like food , Phone, medication etc. there is nothing left at the end of the month. This is not what we imagined for our retirement . We were fortunate to have had the good years and we definitely not complain. I have much admiration for this lady after beeing so takes courage 💪💪. To me it all comes down to unequity : to much of the 'money' in hands a of a few, no political courage to change this . The populistic parties in Europe are gaining ground but i do not believe that this is going to work out , just look at the past .. add to all this the growing number of refugees ,etc. And of course Covid . The problems are enormous! My husband and i are still with the lucky ones , but i do NOT close my eyes for those with a hard life .🙏🙏❤

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  13. This global problem is orchestrated. When the people are financially stable they’re strong and voice their concerns. When the people are poor, they’re desperate and dependent. Governments want to make their citizens weak and desperate so they lose their voices and become obedient and compliant. This is communism. Look at African nations. They’re so poor they can’t/don’t hold rallies and protests. They just want to eat and feed their children.

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